ECHO will produce two main resources aimed at educators, teachers and youth workers: 1. Educator’s toolkit: volunteering for Environmental Sustainability and for the new culture of consumption and waste 2. Entrepreneurial Curriculum: the possibilities of Environmental Sustainability, role models, best practices, green jobs. These resources respond to the need to equip educators and youth workers with tools to enhance their knowledge in EE, providing models and exercises useful for addressing Environmental Sustainability in an innovative way in contact with learners, whether they are young, adult or senior. In detail: The Toolkit will consist of numerous modules on Environmental Sustainability, seen as a daily perspective and attitude, to be passed on to learners, to the new generations. It will deal with themes such as waste and scrap (from problem to resource), the reduction of the ecological and environmental footprint, the different forms of recycling, solidarity nutrition, ecological creativity. The Curriculum, for trainers and educators, will offer a comprehensive and at the same time realistic overview of “green jobs”, specifically in the field of agriculture and sustainable bioproduction. It will be enriched by the presentation of role models and will also address the employment potential offered specifically by the sectors of Ecosystem Protection: a framework on the “green economy”, which will guide young adults towards good and useful educational and professional choices.