Fondazione Pietro Barbaro

Fondazione Pietro Barbaro was established in 2009 by the decision of Alfredo and Gianni Barbaro, members of a historic Sicilian family that has been operating in the maritime transport sector for more than two hundred years. The Foundation has interpreted and plays an active and participatory role in local development, favoring the broadest and most active participation of individuals and the community in the formulation and realization of ideas (in the form of interventions, actions, projects) and promoting common well-being in the Mediterranean Basin. The Foundation also promotes the increase of cultural and artistic activities on environmental sustainability, as well as the dissemination of cultural welfare initiatives. It carries out educational and training courses inspired by the use of innovative teaching methodologies that enhance active and cooperative learning, with particular attention also to personal well-being and human relationships. The Foundation is also a social laboratory that cares about the audience, through its identity and inclusive cultural policy, also involving research bodies, associations, cultural enterprises and citizens to increase inclusiveness and the pool of collaborations, progressing from a phase of use to one of growth and sharing. The Foundation has several initiatives on the promotion and protection of the environment and the sea, a research activity on family history along 300 years of history of the seas merged into a book and other collaborations with European universities and Superintendencies of the Sea.

Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo

IDRISI Cultura e Sviluppo is a non-profit association that incorporates all the elements of social and cultural value capable of developing educational, training, but also economic initiatives, capable of putting economy, culture and society on the same level. One of the purposes of Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo is to develop solutions aimed at combating phenomena of intolerance, marginality and exclusion, focusing attention on various vulnerable categories and carrying out a continuous awareness-raising activity towards local public and / or private institutions. The association develops services aimed at eliminating the causes that prevent the integration of vulnerable categories (e.g. young people, NEETs, women, LGBTIQ+ communities) in the socio-economic fabric and democratic participation, first of all supporting the edu-sector through design and awareness campaigns, as well as through creative models and practices, in particular photography and the performing arts.

Carraro Lab

Carraro LAB, founded in 1995 as Studio Carraro, makes use of the assets and references of the founders, Gualtiero and Roberto Carraro, who have been operating in the digital sector since the 1980s, with international awards and recognitions: from the Venice Biennale to the European Award of the Frankfurt Book Fair, from the Moebius prizes to the virtual platform of Expo 2015. Over the years, Gualtiero and Roberto Carraro have also operated through other subsidiaries and investee companies (Telecom Design / Applix) of which Carraro Lab has been a supplier. The contents and applications of Carraro LAB range in different thematic sectors, from major exhibitions (Venice Biennale, Leonardo at Palazzo Reale) to major events (Expo 2015, Rio 2016, Fiera Milano), from immersive marketing (Open Fiber, Bridgestone , Mercedes), multimedia encyclopedias (Omnia Deagostini was the first in Europe for copies sold), corporate digital identity (format for Yellow Pages), art and culture (museums and archaeological sites), innovative television (video integration for the TIM app, Game of Thrones for Sky), up to tourism (portal, virtual applications for states and regions). After 2000 the main sectors of activity have become the multimedia and immersive web, with the development of video and virtual portals, and the production of works on DVD. Among the latest creations on the web, the Bit Channel web TV, virtual tours and the search engine of the new Portal


With participatory teaching and learning methods, SEAL CYPRUS motivates and supports young and adult learners in acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​necessary to shape a sustainable future. Starting from the needs of the learners, the organization offers “blended” learning solutions. In fact, the SEAL team uses a wide range of educational, interactive and innovative methods to provide inclusive, outdoor, face-to-face and remote, non-formal learning paths that can be spent in the workplace. SEAL CYPRUS develops educational curricula for training courses to support educators, trainers, youth workers, having also gained extensive experience in the field of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships. Researchers observe and implement high academic standards to collect and analyze insights into the issues of contemporary society. SEAL CYPRUS is currently engaged in experimenting with online education, blended learning and digital youth work.

Association WalkTogether

WalkTogether was created in 2013 with the premise of becoming a learning center for educators, trainers, social workers, young people, adults, seniors. WalkTogether’s overall purpose is to offer high quality non-formal education to adults and youth, covering the three main areas of non-formal education: socio-cultural education, personal development education and professional training. The organization was founded by a group of activists and trainers who wish to contribute to build up a responsible and aware society in Bulgaria. WalkTogether’s primary purpose is to involve the broader citizenship in civic education courses in full agreement with European culture and policies. In detail, WalkTogether pursues the following objectives: to encourage civic participation and the active involvement of young people in educational processes, also oriented towards Environmental Sustainability; promote international cooperation for the development of good educational practices for young people, adults and seniors; implement new social practices of integration and protection of vulnerable communities; operate in national and international programs related to human rights and environmental issues; implement programs and strategies for Bulgaria’s alignment with European standards; distribute and promote the European value system; support and collaborate with similar organizations; participate in national and international training programs, cultural exchanges and mobility. WalkTogether’s activities are also aimed at researching and publishing informative materials and collaborating with organizations, institutions and individuals in Bulgaria and abroad.