This morning Palazzo Trinacria welcomed students and faculty from I.S.S F. Ferrara at the presentation of the preliminary works of Flora Marina, an exhibition by Emanuele Caprioli and product of an art residency for the foundation and exhibit “Echo,” the third result of our project.
The exhibition, which opened on October 21, 2022, will be accessible until November 2022.

The artist residency culminated in a site-specific multimedia installation, consisting of six small and medium-sized glass bas-reliefs, a soundscape, and a clear varnish relief print on acetate paper unrolled like a long scroll. The work, through art, brings to light aesthetic and scientific aspects of the maritime world: an invisible sea for the spaces of the Pietro Barbaro Foundation. The event was accompanied by a multimedia storytelling corner, curated by Carraro Lab and Idrisi Culture and Development.

As part of Erasmusdays 2022, the Pietro Barbaro Foundation planned to offer an artist’s narrative for young people, students and teachers, intertwining with the artistic, creative, environmental sustainability education developments and implementations of the #ErasmusPlus ECHO project.

This Erasmusday was therefore an opportunity to present the first steps of the project and especially the third result, which starts right from Flora Marina and Emanuele Caprioli’s residency. Much space was also devoted to Erasmus+ in its entirety, dialoguing with young students and teachers about the program’s opportunities for educational centers, civic groups, youth and adults.